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Join the growing list of happy customers who use AtScale to give users blazing fast business analytics performance on any cloud data from any Business Intelligence tools.

  • AtScale Cloud is the only way to provide business users with governed high-performance self-serve analytics on any Cloud (Amazon, Microsoft or Google).
  • Business Users don’t have to change their habits. Once AtScale is provisioned on your cloud, they can query the data from any of their favorite BI tools (Tableau, Microsoft Excel, PowerBI and any custom)
  • AtScale Cloud is a self-provisioned environment that’s appropriate for customers that are either migrating to the Cloud or running BI across hybrid environments (on-premises and clouds).

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What customers say:

  • “Analysts are no longer constrained to a rigid data warehouse.  They can self-serve to our Microsoft Azure data lake in direct mode, without having to wait for data to be moved for them or to perform extreme heroics to get the answers they need.” – TRAC Intermodal (America’s leading provider of intermodal marine equipment).
  • “With AtScale, users can run live queries, straight to Google BigQuery at great speeds. This is something that we saw no other intelligence platform able to deliver.” (the of Europe).

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