Why AtScale

Why We're Here and What We Believe in

The AtScale Story

AtScale bridges the gap between business users and their data.

The average enterprise sits on a mountain of data that business users could use to drive better performance. Unfortunately, most enterprises are not equipped to gain value out of their data: according to Forrester, close to 75% of the data stored within an enterprise goes unused.  Enterprises need ways to deliver data to business users with simplicity, speed and security.

Back in 2009 at Yahoo!, AtScale’s founding team experienced this first hand, and witnessed the power and potential of Hadoop and Big Data.  However, we struggled to make the data in Hadoop accessible to the business users who needed it.  Tired of moving data into expensive, legacy databases, the AtScale team decided to build what they could not buy.  The AtScale Intelligence Platform is built on the following 3 core principles:


Brought to you by Hadoop and Business Intelligence veterans



No Data Movement

Play the data where it lays

Hadoop is the world’s most scalable, open source MPP data platform.  Why load data into expensive and proprietary database engines just so it can be queried?  With AtScale, data stays right where it landed, eliminating the cost, latency and complexity that comes with moving data.

  • Leverage Hadoop’s Open Source SQL on Hadoop engines
  • Transform Hadoop’s complex data types into measures and dimensions
  • Eliminate cube building with AtScale’s Virtual Cubes

Your BI Tool. Your Choice

Any BI tool. Really!

You’ve invested in great BI tools. Your users should be able to leverage them for Big Data too. AtScale makes just about any BI tool scream on Hadoop. Now business users can use the tools they already know and love on Hadoop.

  • Support any BI tool that can speak SQL or MDX
  • Provide your Excel users with live access to the data in Hadoop
  • Eliminate costly data marts and data extracts

One Semantic Layer

Meeting the needs of IT and business users alike

So much data, so many places and so many BI tools.  How can an enterprise deliver consistent and secure data to them all? AtScale’s Virtual Cubes deliver a single semantic layer, providing consistency, fast performance, and data governance regardless of the type of access.

  • Web based, one-stop collaborative cube design and library
  • Dynamic performance management using the AtScale Adaptive Cachetm
  • Full OLAP functionality for modeling your business

AtScale Makes Business Intelligence (BI) Work on Big Data

Bridge the gap between your business users and their data