Why AtScale

Your Data. Live.

We believe that you shouldn’t have to move data out of Hadoop to analyze it. With AtScale, you can play with the data “where it lays” and analyze it all, at full speed and with more control.

Schema On Demand

Your market is dynamic. Your requirements evolve. The only constant is change. AtScale's schema-on-demand allows for aggregates, measures and dimensions to be built on the-fly as you need them.


You have invested in great BI tools. We don’t think you should add new ones to analyze Hadoop. AtScale is built to work with any BI tools so you can use the tools you already own, know and love.

All the Data. At Full Speed.

We think you should have it all. No more sampling. No more waiting. Our engine optimizes queries in real-time. Get optimal performance. All the time.

Hadoop. Your Way.

AtScale works with all major Hadoop distributions: Cloudera, MapR and Hortonworks. We support the Impala, Spark SQL and Hive-Tez SQL-on-Hadoop engines. Leverage SQL or MDX, over ODBC, JDBC, or OLE DB.